Labor Day Grand Opening Celebration

Come experience the sport that American Ninja Warrior inspired as we celebrate
the expanded opening of our Ninja and Rock Wall Climbing gym.

Stars from American Ninja Warrior and American Ninja Warrior Junior are coming from all over the nation to join us for our Grand Opening Celebration at our great new facility!

In addition to our own Caleb "Ninja of the" Auer and Devin "Dougie Fresh" Harrelson, come meet (or compete with)
Daniel Gil, Grant McCartney, Maggi Thorne, RJ Roman, Nate Burkhalter, Jessie Graff, Ginny MacColl, Jason Kotzin, Jordan Flash Brown, Jake Murray, and more ANW stars.
And Josh Auer - The Bathrobe Ninja - has a bunch of his ANWJR friends coming, too, like:
Tyler and Sydney Smith, Joy Wolf, Max Feinberg, Ava Long, Enzo Wilson, Hunter Rowland, Kaden Lebsack, Taylor Richards, Brady Parks, Olivia Colasuonno, Tate Allen, Elena Borges, and more.

Whether you participate in the free parts, or the "pay to play" parts, you'll never forget it!

7AM - 2PM Free Access to:

And from 11am-2pm you can purchase food from great Food Trucks (Rolling Grill & Pelican's Snoballs)

Jr. Competitions and Special Events with Pro Ninjas:

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