The Auers and Friends

We are the Auers, a "Ninja Warrior Family" that wants to help others explore or excel in this incredible sport and community that we love.

Fans of American Ninja Warrior

Like many others, we became fans of American Ninja Warrior. Several years ago, Caleb and Joshua dreamed of participating on the show. But how could you even prepare?

Caleb had great athletic ability from a very young age. He had some training in gymnastics and explored parkour on his own in addition to the "organized sports" he participated in. As he got older, he visited Triangle Rock Club which he enjoyed but there wasn't enough movement for his tastes. He discovered there were a few parkour and ninja gyms popping up in different places around the country, but none anywhere close by.

He sought to be a personal trainer, and dreamed one day of opening his own gym. As a 17-year-old, he got his first job at a gym. Some of the people he met there eventually opened WarriorTech OCR in Morrisville, NC in 2017. Caleb and Josh started visiting and competing. It soon became a major focus of both. And the dream of opening our own gym that combined both Ninja Warrior and Rock Climbing in southern Wake County began to take shape.

From Vision to Reality

Over the last few years, we've been waiting, training, learning, exploring, participating, and contributing to the incredible "ninja warrior" community.

Ken and Caleb started meeting to determine the steps to get to this place. Caleb had explored various design disciplines in his earlier years (graphic design, video production, and a fascination with tiny houses) and helped build the Auer home. After he graduated with his business degree, he designed a front yard obstacle course that was quite amazing, so we wondered how he could use those skills to start a part-time business. We created "Rock Solid Warrior LLC" and Mobile Ninja Warrior was its first offering. Caleb did an amazing job of designing the rig and the other obstacles and we figured we'd learn more as time went on.

Time moved on fast as opportunity after opportunity arose in the Ninja Warrior community. Josh and Caleb competed. Caleb got a job as the Day Camp Director for Warrior Tech. Ken led the creation of Ninja Master software and got hooked in with the three large Ninja Leagues and many of the gyms that held competitions. We all helped Mike Cook and Ultimate Backyard Warrior put on one of the biggest and best Ninja Warrior events in the country.

We were keeping our eyes open for space in Holly Springs that we could either build or rent appropriate for a gym. We were praying for God's timing to show us a place that could work... around 5000-6000 square feet with ceilings high enough to have all the obstacles like a 14'6" warped wall and more at a lower price than most local commercial real estate without being tucked away in an industrial park. And, then, one day we stumbled upon the Fuquay Sports Center on Highway 55 and, by God's providence, found there was only one unfinished space left... just over 5000 square feet with a sloped ceiling that rose to 20 feet.

Beyond All We Asked or Thought

We worked hard to create a business plan and Caleb designed the gym layout. But as we went to finalize the deal, God showed us he had other plans. The landlord asked if we would rather have an 8000+ square foot facility that just became available in the same building. After we recovered from the whiplash, we checked out the space and it seemed to have everything we wanted... And it was already "finished" just about all we had to do was fill it with obstacles and rock walls.

The next morning, Caleb showed Ken his new layout and they were both blown away by what God had allowed him to put together in just a few hours.

Yes, we give the credit to God. In fact, when we first thought about opening the gym several years ago, we had desired it to be a place that would be an extension of our family that has placed its trust in Jesus Christ, our Lord. The name "Rock Solid Warrior" was given to us immediately. We bought the domain name - - several years ago. As both Caleb and Josh have appeared on American Ninja Warrior and American Ninja Warrior Junior respectively, they chose to put "Matthew 7:24-27" on their shirts. The words of this passage are from Jesus as He walked the earth.

“Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them, may be compared to a wise man who built his house on the rock. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and slammed against that house; and yet it did not fall, for it had been founded on the rock. Everyone who hears these words of Mine and does not act on them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. The rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and slammed against that house; and it fell—and great was its fall.”

We'd love to tell you more about how Jesus has been the Solid Rock on which we have built our lives, by His grace. Grace is not something we earned, but something we received. It is "unmerited favor". We hope you will find our gym to be a place of grace and peace.

Below you will find out a little bit more about each of us.

Caleb Auer

Caleb Auer - General Manager, Facility Designer, and Head Coach

Caleb has turned his passion into his vocation. He first worked at a gym when he was 17, doing whatever he was asked to do while studying to be a personal trainer. He has added to his own training by studying and training others. He has studied, designed and built courses including the amazing Mobile Ninja Warrior course that has been used at public events and used by some professional Ninjas for their own events. He has been Rock Climbing for several years. The idea of combining a Ninja Warrior and Rock Climbing gym has been his dream that he has been preparing for - and has been prepared for - since he was a child.

In Ninja Warrior competition circles, Caleb is known as "The Ninja of the Auer". In addition to competing and often winning or placing in local competitions, Caleb made it to the World Finals of the National Ninja League and has appeared on Season 11 (2019) of American Ninja Warrior. In his rookie season on the show, Caleb qualified at the Atlanta City Qualifiers, and then turned in an amazing run at the Atlanta City Finals. This qualified him for the Season Finals in Las Vegas. You will have to tune in to see how he did.

In addition to his long record of athletic accomplishments and training experience, he has a degree in Business Administration and a certificate in Criminal Justice. While being trained as a Police Explorer at the Fuquay Police Department, he competed at Winterfest in Gatlinburg with Explorers from many states, gaining a bronze and silver medal in "Physical Fitness and Tactics", before deciding to take another career path. However, he gained much respect for those who serve in the Police and Fire Departments, EMS, and military.

Ken Auer

Ken Auer - CEO, Marketing Director, and Competition Coordinator

Ken - the Warrior Dad - has run his own successful software business, RoleModel Software since 1997. There he has worked with many businesses to turn their ideas into working software to leverage their expertise, and often serves as both a business and technology consultant.

In 2017, he experienced the norm (at the time) of Ninja Warrior competitions being scored with a clipboard and stopwatch with athletes and spectators left in the dark. So, after further exploration, he decided that RoleModel Software could create a system to change all that, and NinjaMaster Software was born. In less than a year, that software became the standard for 2 of the 3 biggest ninja leagues in the country, and is being used overseas and at some of the biggest independent events in the country, like Ultimate Backyard Warrior's incredible Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend events.

The software has advanced the sport in many ways, and he has learned a lot from visiting and helping so many gyms and leagues. He has gained perspective from the gym owners, league organizers, competitors, and parents of junior competitors. He is combining his business knowledge with a sport he loves to help deliver the best possible customer experience.

Josh Auer

Josh Auer - Coach

Joshua - The Bathrobe Ninja - is among the top young Ninja Warriors in the world. In his first year of competition, he placed in the top 10 at the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association and National Ninja League world finals in his age group. He also made it to the semi-finals on Season 1 of American Ninja Warrior Junior, and was chosen to appear on Season 2. In January 2019, he was crowned the champion of 11-13 year olds for the Athlete Warrior Games. In July 2019, he placed 3rd in the UNAA World Finals for the 13&under division. In smaller competitions, he's begun competing with adults and has made the podium just about every time, beating several well-respected competitors from American Ninja Warrior.

An incredible student of the sport, Joshua began training other children over a year ago, and his first protege finished 3rd in their first competition.

Our family has adopted Psalm 144:12 as its family verse:

Let our sons in their youth be as grown-up plants, And our daughters as corner pillars fashioned as for a palace;

Joshua has certainly matured beyond his years. When he competes, adult competitors are constantly asking him for advice. The kids he's trained will tell you that he has helped them immensely.

Hannah Auer

Hannah Auer - Day Camp Director

Hannah is Caleb's wife, and an amazing athlete herself. Does she ninja and rock climb? Absolutely. In fact, she recently finished first among the adult women at Warrior Tech's Athlete Warrior Games competition.

From a family of seven, she's incredible with kids and a pure joy. She works with kids in Sunday School. She'll hold your baby if you give her a chance. She'll babysit if you ask her and she's available. Did we mention she loves kids?

But there is more to Hannah than an athlete who loves kids. In her first job, within a few weeks of working at Chick-fil-A, they wanted her to become a trainer as they saw the way she served and spread joy wherever she went. At Adam's Handmade Soaps, they quickly put her in charge of "the bomb squad" - the team making handmade soap bombs. She not only was the fastest bomb maker there, but she designed several of their offerings, trained many others and managed the team. She did all of this while making friends with everyone there.

Though she left the soap shop to join our team, we still think she's the bomb. Kids, and their parents, will think so, too.

Carol Auer

Carol Auer - Financial Controller and Administrative Assistant

Carol is Ken's wife, and the backbone of the family. She's got an accounting degree and a servant's heart. Does she ninja or rock climb? Nope. But she is an incredible cheerleader and takes care of all the details the rest of us miss.

When you see perfect little touches around the gym, she's probably behind it. And she'll treat you with care and compassion, as she has done for everyone she knows throughout the years.

Hope Peterson

Hope Peterson - Birthday Party and Event Coordinator

Hope used to be an Auer. She's been called "sunshine wrapped in a human".

She has been teaching children (and young adults) piano, voice, and theatre for years. She can organize people and events like no one else. She is also an award winning author of historical fiction books like "A Cry From Egypt" and "A Stand at Sinai". She has a pretty busy life outside of the Ninja Warrior world, but... Wherever she is, there is a fun party to be had.

Hope will deliver Decorations, Treats, Ninja Warrior, Pizza, Cake, Snacks, Ice Cream, Nerf Battles, and more.

Warrior Brothers and Sisters

We're picky about our team.

No, they don't have to be an Auer to work here. But, they do have to have a heart to serve.

We're assembling a team of full-time and part-time coaches, route-setters, assistants, and whatever other roles we need filled. Their background has been checked, and we guarantee that they'll serve you with a smile and an encouraging word.

Some are world class ninjas, and some are just world class servants growing in their skills. Below are just a few of them. We expect the list to grow as we grow.

Devin Harrelson

Devin "Dougie Fresh" Harrelson - Trainer

Devin Harrelson may be the biggest celebrity in Fuquay Varina, but that doesn't get to his head. His personality is larger than life. Personality combined with his athletic skills has placed him on American Ninja Warrior for five seasons. He loves his community of Fuquay Varina and he loves to bring "ninja warrior" to it.

Last year, Devin opened his own gym - Ninja Techniques - in Garner. But a change in landlords caused its premature closing. He plans to build a new one some day. In the meantime, we are so glad to have him as a part of Rock Solid Warrior. And you will be, too.

Timothy Brant

Timothy Brant - Warrior Brother

Timothy Brant grew up as the son of a carpenter and learned to serve with his father. His family ended up living at the Auers for about a year, and he fell under the influence of the ninjas. As an athlete, he quickly excelled in his skills. As a servant, he helped assemble the Mobile Ninja Warrior rig. We called on him to join us when we started the gym and he has been Caleb's right hand man in the construction of the gym. He's also helped run competitions using the mobile rig.

Timothy is currently studying science and engineering, pursuing most of his studies online when he's not at the gym. With several younger siblings, he knows how to patiently encourage those younger than himself. You'll be blessed by this young man.

Julia Bainbridge

Julia Bainbridge - Warrior Sister

Julia is one of the most joyful people you will ever meet. She's bright: part of a national finals mock trial team. She's cheerful: you'll almost never see her without a smile on her face. She's ninja: She was the female champion in the 15-17 age group at the National Ninja League finals, finished 3rd among the adult women at the recent Ultimate Backyard Warrior Memorial Day Weekend, and generally ends up with a medal just about any time she competes.

She drives from Liberty, North Carolina to be a part of Rock Solid Warrior's team, and you'll be glad she does.

And she might bring her brother Sammy, "The Ninja Farmer", who appeared on American Ninja Warrior Junior, Season 1, who will also show you a thing or two as an intern.

Jake Martin

Jake Martin - Warrior Brother

Jake loves Ninja and loves to serve. He's been helping put together our gym since we got started, and has helped run our Mobile Ninja Warrior rig. You'll find he always has an encouraging word, and a helpful attitude. And, yes, he's been practicing on the obstacles and can show you a thing or two.

Jake has also been active in theatre and has been an intern at Spiritual Twist Productions. He has been studying information technology at Wake Tech.