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Labor Day All-Star Ninja Skills Competition

, Rock Solid Warrior

You may have seen the “All-Star Skills Competition” on one or more seasons of American Ninja Warrior. We’re going to take it up a notch and open this up to not only the most famous ninjas, but ninjas from all over the country.

We’ll be hosting skills competitions in 5 categories:

Armed and Dangerous (grip strength and endurance as ninjas tackle a challenging upper body course)
Speed and Agility (getting across a series of lower body obstacles as fast as possible without falling)
Extreme Salmon Ladder (the salmon ladder with some extra challenges)
Warped Wall Challenge (we’ve got lots of warped walls, and ways of making them more challenging)
Crazy Laches (we’ve got a 50-foot “lache alley”. there’s lots of stuff we can put in it for you to swing on… and we will)

In the morning, from 8:30-12, we’ll be running qualifiers for all 5 competitions. Each athlete will get 1 run on each challenge to qualify for the finals in each. Those who check-in before 9AM will be given 3 extra tokens each of which you can use to repeat a challenge. Those who check-in before 10AM will be given 1 extra token which you can use to repeat a challenge.

NOTE: 13&unders will be on the same obstacles as the adults, with accommodations made for reaching the first obstacle if they are vertically challenged. This skills comp is not intended for beginners, but all are welcome to sign up.

But you can only move on to the finals (any age, any gender) if you clear the automatic qualifying standard (which will be explained on the day of the competition) or finish in the top 6 (in case we don’t get enough clears) for any particular challenge.

In the afternoon, we’ll have the finals for each challenge – and yes, they will be harder – giving All-Star Points for the top 3 in each final challenge:

3 All-Star Points for 1st place
2 All-Star Points for 2nd place
1 All-Star Point for 3rd place

Medals will be given out for 1st through 3rd place for each challenge for each category (14+men, 14+women, 13&under men, 13&under women).
Additionally $50 for first place for each division/gender in each challenge category

Additional cash prizes will be given for overall all-star points. Cash prizes TBD based on paid attendance and sponsorships.

Learn More & Sign Up Here:

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