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Memberships or Drop Ins

We hope everyone who comes in will sign up for our membership packages and become part of the family. But you might just want to check us out. Single visits are affordable, but memberships give great value for those who want to come regularly and be a participant in the sports of ninja warrior or rock climbing.

Membership Packages

Each month, we offer classes, typically 1-1.5 hours depending on age and skill level. We offer them in packages of one, two, or three classes/week. Once you sign up for classes on a monthly, 6 month, or year commitment, you can add unlimited open gym time for a small additional fee. Or if you are an experienced ninja or rock climber and want to skip the classes, you can just sign up for unlimited open gym. Discounts are offered every time additional family member signs up for a package. (10% off for 2nd family member, 20% off for third... to a maximum of 40% off for 5th or more).

We will typically post our schedule a month or more in advance. And though we expect each individual will pick the same day(s) each week for classes, they can also drop in on another class if they miss one.

We evaluate each student each month to discuss if/when they should move to another class to be challenged more (or less).

Class Membership Package One month Six months One year
4 class package
(1/week, 4/month)
$59 $330 ($55/month) $600 ($50/month)
8 class package
(2/week, 8/month)
$99 $540 ($90/month) $960 ($80/month)
12 class package
(3/week, 12/month)
$129 $720 ($120/month) $1320 ($110/month)
Add unlimited open gym $30 $150 ($25/month) $240 ($20/month)
Open Gym Membership Package One month Six months One year
Unlimited Open Gym
(Any open gym slots)
$69 $360 ($60/month) $660 ($55/month)

Open Gym Drop Ins

Each month, we offer at least 85 hours of several styles of open gym time. Our gym is divided into sections, so there are times when various sections are open for your enjoyment, even though the entire gym may not. And there are times when the entire gym is open. Check our schedule. Some obstacles change each week. Sometimes we have timed courses set up. Our rock walls where routes change at least twice per month.

Number of passes Open Gym up to 1.5 hours Unlimited Open Gym day pass
1 $15 $26
2 $28 $48
3 $39 $66
4 $48 $80
5 $55 $90
10 $100 $150

Other Offerings

Many good things come in smaller packages.

Service Description Price
Day Camp We'll provide all-day fun and training for body, mind, soul, and spirit
(pre-care and after-care available for an additional fee)
($50/child/day, $30/child/half-day)
Birthday Party - Small Up to 12 people (1 hr, 30 minutes - designed from choices from our menu) $275
Birthday Party - Large Up to 20 people (2 hours - designed from choices from our menu) $395
Single Class Drop in on any public class $20/person/class
Private Lesson One on one, 1 hour lesson $50/lesson
Competitions Beyond what we do in our classes, of all varieties $20-100/person
Roll your own event You have ideas. We have ideas. Let's talk! $???