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Annual Speed Competition – It’s a Blast!

, Rock Solid Warrior

Every year, in the summer, Rock Solid has one of its most fun competitions – Our Speed Competition.  This year, it will be on Saturday, June 29 at our Suoth Apex facility.

Unlike most competitions where you have a single chance on a course, this is all about re-trying the same course to see how fast you can get through.

We run the course side-by-side (mirrored versions of the same course).  We start with two “seeding runs”.  Based on your best score/time, you will be placed into a double elimination side-by-side tournament.  So, you are guaranteed at least 4 runs on the same course.

Every year we see exciting finishes and watch as the athletes take risks to shave seconds off of their time.  We’ve had multiple photo finishes (like this one).

And, this year, we’ll be modeling our courses similarly to the  The US Nationals race (road to USA Ninja Team and future Olympics?) which will be taking place July 25-28 in Anaheim, CA.

Come compete or just come and watch the athleticism, the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat.

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