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There are all sorts of obstacle course races from spartan races and tough mudders to military obstacle courses. However, the reality TV show “American Ninja Warrior” inspired a sport that has a life of its own. The sport of ninja typically consists of courses that last one to five minutes with obstacles that consist of agility, laches, grip, tech, balance, full body, precision, and power. Rock Solid Warrior is one of the premier gyms to train at for the sport of ninja.

There are regional, national, and international leagues for everyone from early beginners to pros. Our local focus is the Ninja Carolina League (NCL), especially for beginners. However, for those who want to go further in the sport there are many other opportunities that we provide.


We’ll see how the sport continues to evolve. However, right now we’re seeing an increasingly rising skill level by the top athletes. Along with this is a growing number of people recognizing and providing opportunities for beginners to enter the sport, which bodes well for the sport’s continued growth.

If you are new to the sport, it might seem a bit overwhelming so here’s what we recommend:

  1. If there is a Regional League of some sort close to you, fully participate in it.  If you train at Rock Solid Warrior, that would be the Ninja Carolina League.
  2. If you don’t have a Regional League, or you are consistently near the top of your division in your Regional League, and would like to see how well you do with competitions beyond the immediate region, consider one of the more established larger leagues that host competitions in your area.  For those who train at Rock Solid Warrior, the UNAA would be the logical choice, but there are several excellent gyms in the Carolinas that host WNL competitions that you may want to consider, too.
  3. If/when you find yourself on or near the podium regularly in the established larger leagues, you may want to consider seeking out some of the top independent events, or if you are 13+, try your hand at one or more of the NSC Qualifiers… even if you don’t finish in the top half, you’ll get to see and meet some of the best in the sport and it could inspire you to keep training to get to that level.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Remember, it’s not necessarily about being THE best, but putting out YOUR best, and growing in your ability to overcome obstacles physically, mentally, and spiritually that will serve you well in all of life.

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