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Ninja Kids for Safe Kids Multi-Stage and Team Competition Charity Event Returns MLK Weekend

, Rock Solid Warrior

Many of the best young ninjas in the country rarely have the opportunity to do three things:

  1. Participate in a highly competitive, multi-stage Ninja Competition
  2. Participate with other top young ninjas as a team in an extremely challenging tag-team competition
  3. Help other kids who do not have many of the privileges they have

Well, on Martin Luther King weekend, January 13-14, Rock Solid Warrior is hosting its 4th annual Ninja Kids for Safe Kids event, that gives these top young ninjas an opportunity to do all 3!  Previous years have seen stars from American Ninja Warrior Junior and UNAA and WNL Champions from their age divisions from all over the country.

If you think you are a top young ninja, it’s time to put yourself to the test and support kids who may not have the privilege to compete and whose families are struggling.

If you just want to watch the Ninja Sport’s stars of the future, you can come as a spectator and also support the same great cause.

This will be a limited capacity, multi-stage event with cash prizes and all registration proceeds going to Safe Families for Children.  There are also opportunities to sponsor this great event.

NOTE: Although this is event is open to all athletes 13&under, this is not a competition for those brand new to the sport.  The courses will be extremely advanced and challenging!

There will only be 48 slots available for athletes 11&under, and 48 slots available for athletes 13&under. Each athlete can have 1 spectator for free. Additional Spectator tickets must be purchased. Run order in stage 1 is determined by registration order (those who sign up first run last) so sign up early.
Participants age as of January 1, 2024 will be used to determine their class.

Saturday, January 13 (Live stream will be available on our Facebook And YOUTUBE page)

There will be 2 waves of the qualifying round (stage 1) held at our South Apex facility. Each athlete will be guaranteed:

Speed course – Two runs on a side by side speed course using NSC rules (retry what you miss)… best score/time will be used to determine your rank on the speed course.
Technical course… one run using NCL rules (progress points earned as you progress through each obstacle… one try on each obstacle).

Top 2/3 of male and female by combined rank from both courses move on to…

Stage 2 (longer, more technical course) at our Fuquay Varina facility, top 50% of male and female (rounded up) move on to…

Stage 3 (very challenging upper body and grip course) at our Fuquay Varina facility.  Stage 3 will be a blind course (after being shown the course, finalists will be isolated and not able to see the other runners in their age/gender) one fail and you’re done… farthest, fastest to determine the champion(s).

NOTE: We reserve the right to bump additional participants up to next stage

Sunday, January 14 afternoon (optional team comp, starting at 2 PM)

Two part team competition at our Fuquay Facility (teams will be assembled from all participants in an NFL style draft pick…)

First Round – Tag team competition on hybrid course from stages 2 and 3 (and possibly some other wrinkles)
Second Round – Tag team competition on same course (but no team member can repeat obstacles they tackled on the first round)

Winners will be determined by a combination of scores and times from both runs.

Follow this link to learn more, and register for the event as an athlete or spectator.
NOTE: Prices go up on November 30th, and signing up early will give a preferred run order for Stage 1, allowing athletes to watch other athletes compete before they run.

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