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Ninja Sport heads to the Olympics!

We are excited to share a monumental moment in the sport of Ninja that happened this week.
FISO (World Obstacle – and UIPM (World Pentathlon – have officially accepted Obstacle Racing into the Olympics!
They will debut in LA for the Summer Olympics in 2028! This opens the door for obstacle course racing such as Spartan, side-by-side speed course (what’s going to be in the 2028 Olympics), and traditional ninja!
We know that there has been a lot of work behind the scenes in getting this to happen. The longer term goal is having Obstacle Course Racing to have a variety of events in the Olympics.
We want to give a huge shout out to Ian Adamson and the World Obstacle (FISO) organization who has worked long and hard through the process and is doing a great job at moving forward so that many of the disciplines of Obstacle Course Racing are moving forward.

The sport in the US saw its first organizations form in 2014-15.  Within 8 years, the number of regional, national, and international organizations has grown and, with the help of World Obstacle, our national governing body was formed – the USA Ninja Association.

Several years ago, we were one of the founding members of our growing Ninja Carolina League. Its president, Rick duPont, has been certified as a Senior International Technical Official (along with two others in the nation) to set the standards for running and officiating international competitions. O
ur own Jeshuah Lewis has been certified as an International Technical Official along with several others in North Carolina.  This summer at Obstacle Expo, several of our coaches and a few of our upcoming athletes participated in the World Cup event – the same style that will be in the Olympics in 2028 – held by the USA Ninja Association.

We are living in Ninja Carolina, and it is exciting to be a part of driving this sport forward.
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