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Hannah Auer

Hannah is Caleb’s wife, and an amazing athlete herself. Does she ninja and rock climb? Absolutely. In fact, she recently finished first among the adult women at Warrior Tech’s Athlete Warrior Games competition.

From a family of seven, she’s incredible with kids and a pure joy. She works with kids in Sunday School. She’ll hold your baby if you give her a chance. She’ll babysit if you ask her and she’s available. Did we mention she loves kids?

But there is more to Hannah than an athlete who loves kids. In her first job, within a few weeks of working at Chick-fil-A, they wanted her to become a trainer as they saw the way she served and spread joy wherever she went. At Adam’s Handmade Soaps, they quickly put her in charge of “the bomb squad” – the team making handmade soap bombs. She not only was the fastest bomb maker there, but she designed several of their offerings, trained many others and managed the team. She did all of this while making friends with everyone there.

Though she left the soap shop to join our team, we still think she’s the bomb. Kids, and their parents, will think so, too.

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