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Josh Auer

Joshua – The Bathrobe Ninja – is among the top young Ninja Warriors in the world. In his first year of competition, he placed in the top 10 at the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association and National Ninja League world finals in his age group. He also made it to the semi-finals on Season 1 of American Ninja Warrior Junior, and was chosen to appear on Season 2. In January 2019, he was crowned the champion of 11-13 year olds for the Athlete Warrior Games. In July 2019, he placed 3rd in the UNAA World Finals for the 13&under division. In smaller competitions, he’s begun competing with adults and has made the podium just about every time, beating several well-respected competitors from American Ninja Warrior.

An incredible student of the sport, Joshua began training other children over a year ago, and his first protege finished 3rd in their first competition.

Our family has adopted Psalm 144:12 as its family verse:

Let our sons in their youth be as grown-up plants, And our daughters as corner pillars fashioned as for a palace;

Joshua has certainly matured beyond his years. When he competes, adult competitors are constantly asking him for advice. The kids he’s trained will tell you that he has helped them immensely.

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