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Ken Auer

Ken – the Warrior Dad – has run his own successful software business, RoleModel Software since 1997. There he has worked with many businesses to turn their ideas into working software to leverage their expertise, and often serves as both a business and technology consultant.

In 2017, he experienced the norm (at the time) of Ninja Warrior competitions being scored with a clipboard and stopwatch with athletes and spectators left in the dark. So, after further exploration, he decided that RoleModel Software could create a system to change all that, and NinjaMaster Software was born. In less than a year, that software became the standard for 2 of the 3 biggest ninja leagues in the country, and is being used overseas and at some of the biggest independent events in the country, like Ultimate Backyard Warrior‘s incredible Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend events.

The software has advanced the sport in many ways, and he has learned a lot from visiting and helping so many gyms and leagues. He has gained perspective from the gym owners, league organizers, competitors, and parents of junior competitors. He is combining his business knowledge with a sport he loves to help deliver the best possible customer experience.

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