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Ken Auer

Ken (Pops) had run his own software business, RoleModel Software since 1997 which he sold at the end of 2022. There he worked with many businesses to turn their ideas into working software to leverage their expertise, and often served as both a business and technology consultant.  His focus has been on helping evergreen companies build great businesses for a greater purpose.  He’s been a member of C12 since 2015 and has been voted as Member of the Year by his peers on multiple occasions.

In 2017, when his sons started competing, he experienced the norm (at the time) of Ninja Warrior competitions being scored with a clipboard and stopwatch with athletes and spectators left in the dark. So, after further exploration, he decided that RoleModel Software could create a system to change all that, and NinjaMaster Software was born. In less than a year, that software became the standard for 2 of the 3 biggest ninja leagues in the country, and is now being used overseas and at some of the biggest independent events in the country, like Ultimate Backyard Warrior‘s incredible Memorial Day weekend events.  Ninja Master launched its League Management package in 2020 and is now supporting several regional leagues in addition to the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA – the largest league in the sport).  At the end of 2022, Ninja Master Software LLC was spun out of RoleModel Software so Ken could focus on “All Ninja, All the Time.”

The software has advanced the sport in many ways, and he has learned a lot from visiting and helping so many gyms and leagues as well as being behind the scenes with his sons on American Ninja Warrior and American Ninja Warrior Junior. He has gained perspective from the gym owners, league organizers, competitors, and parents of junior competitors. He is combining his business knowledge with a sport he loves to help deliver the best possible customer experience, and mentor the next generation of gym owners, managers, and coaches in Business as a Ministry.

Ken’s passion is to continue to lift the young sport to new levels.  He was a founding member of the Ninja Carolina League to help grow the sport at a local level.  His goals include building world class ninja warrior gyms throughout southern Wake County and adjunct facilities in neighboring communities.  In addition to league competitions, Rock Solid Warrior has hosted top pro events like its annual All-Star Ninja Skills Competition, Ninja Warriors for Wounded Warriors, Ninja Kids for Safe Kids, the Rock Solid Cross Country Teen Ninja Tour, and Ninja Sports Championship Qualifiers and Finals, as well as semi-regular Beginner Competitions and other unique events.  He continues to act as a consultant and representative of parents of ninjas to envision, promote, and enable a future where professional ninjas can make a living while protecting the values of the majority of the current ninja community in making it an amazingly family-friendly sport.

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