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Michael is well known in the Ninja Sport community. If you mention to other Ninjas from across the country that Michael joined us, the first reaction is almost always, “I love Mike!”.  Mike is very likable, very intelligent, very funny, very analytical, and very passionate for excellence in anything he takes on. When we recruited him, we were confident that he would quickly become a leader, and we were not disappointed.

As we planned to expand our offerings at our Rock Solid Ninja Kids program at Element Gymnastics in Clayton we needed someone with the capacity and ability to lead and Michael fit the bill perfectly.  When he’s not leading the team in Clayton, he’ll be leading our Competition Training Clinic in Fuquay and helping further develop our Rock Solid Ninja Coaching certification programs.

Michael is from Long Island, New York and began competing in 2019.  He had been coaching for around 2.5 years at Freeport, Smithtown, and New York Ninja Academies, before he came to Rock Solid Warrior. 

After becoming a “Top Tester” of ANW season 13, and coming in 2nd place at the 2021 NNL Worlds Adult Division, he “turned pro” and is now ranked among the top 65 pro athletes in the sport by the Ninja Sport Network.

He has been working on a double major in business and teaching math. His goal is to one day open a tutoring company where “I not only help kids with their school work, but also help teach them life skills to achieve financial freedom.”

He moved to North Carolina to strengthen his relationship with God through Jesus. While he grew up a nominal Catholic, he recently had a rebirth of faith where he is actively seeking God and attempting to live like Jesus.

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