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In 2019, Viktor was the youngest person (and that record still stands!) to conquer our 18 foot megawall! He took his first ninja class six years before we opened from Devin “Dougie Fresh” Harrelson, making him a “2nd generation” Rock Solid Warrior coach.

Viktor said his “dream job” was to work at Rock Solid Warrior, so he’s living the dream! He’s been with us for three years now, and he’s easily one of the kids’ favorite coaches, except for when he challenges them in the Gagaball Ring! Viktor brings a lot of energy and excitement to his job, and you can see him working parties, events, “Parents’ Night Outs”, classes, and day camps.

Viktor’s passion is Parkour, but Parkour gyms are few and far between. He also loves calisthenics, and has been working on more advanced moves such as front lever and handstand presses. With Ninja, he feels that he can combine his love for Parkour and calisthenics, as well as his love for coaching, into an awesome job!

Viktor is a self-described workaholic. He loves training for ninja and calisthenics, and he often comes to the gym early to play Gagaball with the day camp kids before classes. He also enjoys long-boarding, video games, and designs jewelry for men.

One of Viktor’s favorite things about working at Rock Solid is that he gets to help kids grow as a person and as an athlete through his personal experiences. When someone says an obstacle is impossible, Viktor encourages them to separate it into “I’m Possible.” We are thankful for you, Coach V!

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