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Zane joined our team in 2022 after being part of our elite competition team. A star baseball player, he switched sports and started training for ninja in 2021. He placed first in the Ninja Carolina League Adult Beginners division in his first year competing and went pro at the end of 2022. He finished 26th out of 109 pro men at the UNAA World Series as a pro rookie.

Obviously a fast learner and a great athlete with great attention to detail, he quickly became a top coach at Rock Solid Warrior, too.

Having worked with his dad in construction, he started helping build obstacles. Now he handles a lot of our obstacle maintenance, and course design for classes and competitions.

As he neared the end of high school, graduating with high honors, he started leading our levels 1 and 2 classes at the South Apex location.  Zane then took on the role of leading Competition Training Clinic with great results. He is continuing to grow as a leader, and is now the Head Coach of the Competition Team in Apex.

Zane is continuing his education at Wake Tech as he continues to grow in all aspects of the sport and the business.

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