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The Ninja Carolina League kicks back into swing in 2024

, Rock Solid WarriorThe Ninja Sport is alive and well and there is no place in the world like the Carolinas to enjoy the sport.  The Ninja Carolina League kicked off its 4th season in September, and after the holiday season, there are plenty of opportunities to compete.

, Rock Solid Warrior

The NCL is currently unique in its offering of both beginner and advanced divisions at every age level so, if you are new to the sport, it’s an ideal place to start, and if you’ve been at it for a little while you’ll also be challenged without having to travel far.

Course designers at each gym provide unique challenges tailored to the appropriate level.  Beginners typically run before the advanced competitors on courses that will challeng but not overwhelm them as they compete against other beginners.  Extra, more difficult obstacles, are typically added to a beginner course for the advanced divisions to keep them challenged as they compete against other advanced athletes.

Also, we have more than a dozen athletes in the Carolinas competing at the pro level around the nation who can take on courses that mere mortals can’t.  Some of the larger gyms take on the challenge of offering pro level courses to really push these athletes and help keep them in top notch shape for the national competitions without having to travel so far.

In February, March, and April there will be a regular season qualifier at one of our locations:

But you don’t have to wait until February, as there are three regular season qualifiers at three other Carolina gyms:

We’re also excited to be hosting the Ninja Carolina League Finals the weekend of April 27-28 at our South Apex location.

, Rock Solid WarriorHow does an athlete qualify for the Finals?  Points are awarded at every NCL Competition based on where an athlete finishes in their division.  Their three highest point totals are added up and anyone with 160 or more points gets to compete at the finals.  (Two top finishes or 3 less than bottom finishes typically adds up to 160 or more points).  Run order at finals is determined by regular season point totals, so the last runners are the ones who scored highest in the regular season.

For the full schedule of local competitions (and a view into where some of the pros will be competing), check out the Ninja Carolina calendar which we keep up to date as we learn about competitions being scheduled.

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