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Thinking About Competing?

Of course, it’s fun to tackle obstacles and dream about being the future “American Ninja Warrior.”  But what’s the path to get there?  Or even the path to running against others on a less-intimidating course?

Well, although there are people who were on the show that have never competed in a Ninja Competition, none of them make it to “The National Finals in Las Vegas”… at least not since the early seasons.  The reality TV show has actually inspired an entire sport that has a life of its own.  And, although Matt, Akbar, and Zuri (hosts of American Ninja Warrior) rarely talk about it, everyone who has made it to the “National Finals” over the last few years has been competing in the Ninja Sport for multiple years.  Season 15’s “rookies” who made it to the finals, like Noah Meunier, have been competing in the sport since before they were teenagers.

The Ninja Sport will live beyond the reality TV show, and there is definitely room for more “rookies”.

And Rock Solid Warrior is here to help.

, Rock Solid WarriorDuring the “off season” we are hosting the “My First Competition” series.  We held one for 6-11 year olds in South Apex on June 15, and we’ll be hosting one for 12-72 year-olds at Fuquay on July 13. No Experience IS NECESSARY.  That is, if you have competed in a Ninja Competition before, you are NOT eligible for this one.  It’s all about learning what a competition is like, and the course will be set up based on the fact that you have NOT competed before.  This is to get your feet wet (well, not literally) and see if you might catch the bug.

The Ninja Carolina League (NCL) Season 5 will be starting up again in September, and we should be posting the schedule for that sometime shortly after August 15.  The NCL consists of a group of Ninja gyms in North and South Carolina who have recognized that have recognized the sport needs aboth an entry point for newer ninja athletes of all ages, as well as a venue for our more experienced ninja athletes to compete without having to travel far.  There are beginner divisions in every age group so you would only competing against others of similar experience on courses that take your experience level into account.  And, for those who have gained some experience (or just think they are ready for bigger challenges) there are also advanced divisions in every age group.

, Rock Solid WarriorAnd, because we have many ranked pros in the Carolinas, we even have a pro division where the courses are beyond what most mere mortals can imagine, and extremely entertaining to watch right here in the Carolinas.

So, don’t just watch American Ninja Warrior and wonder what it would be like, let’s get started on living the dream of competing in one of the fastest growing, exciting, and encouraging sports there is.

If you’ve not already been taking classes, and working on strengthening your body, we’re here to help from kids classes to teen & adult classes to Ninja Fit classes to get you in shape to live the dream.  Sign up today!

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