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open gym, Rock Solid Warrior

Get in your zone: open gym time at Rock Solid Warrior

While our classes, ninja night, and climbing night are top-notch and help people of all ability levels achieve their goals, having access to open gym time and the obstacles in our training facility can be a great way to get in a fun workout or tire your kids out!

Rock Solid Warrior members and non members alike love being able to build some serious functional fitness into their workout, put together their own training routines, or simply come in and play–on your own, or with friends and family.

We can relate: open gym time offers the freedom to explore! (Yes, we love taking on new configurations and courses in the training facility too.)

We often have a variety of supervised “open gym” times where one of our four sections of the gym will be available for you to explore on your own. See schedule below.

Click here for full pricing details. If you have questions, just stop by, or call us at 919-307-7448.

Our Current Open Gym Schedule

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