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NInja Competition Team

Ninja competition classes are for more advanced ninjas who have passed level 2-3 and are interested growing in the sport of ninja and competing. We offer three ninja competition class options depending on age and skill level as detailed below.

Comp Clinic:

Students (ages 7+) who have mastered level 2 and are interested in training more competitively to prepare for competition team junior and competitions or are just looking to push themselves to the next level. Comp Clinics are done in 11 week sessions and students train twice a week for an hour and a half. You can reach out to your local gym here to find out when you can sign up for the next session!

Competition Team Junior (invitation only):

Advanced students (usually ages 7-13) who want to be more competitive or prepare for Competition Team and are starting to focus on course runs as well as dedication to the sport of ninja. Additionally they have shown our coaches discipline and good character.

  • Can efficiently run moderate courses

  • Consistently clears moderate obstacles

  • Endurance: can make moderate dynamic maneuvers repeatedly without dismounting

  • Decent understating of Tech Obstacles

  • Work on more conditioning and drills to strengthen muscles.

Competition Team (invitation only):

Students (usually ages 13+) who are competing at an advanced level of competition in the sport, along with maintaining a level of discipline and good character.  They meet twice/week with our top coaches for two hour sessions, in addition to their own training in between sessions.

If you have other questions we also have a blog post with more details on levels and competitions. Additionally, you can contact your local gym for information about competition team qualifications and training schedules.

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