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NInja Warrior Classes FOR TEENS & ADULTS (AGES 13+)

Just because you didn’t start when you were small, doesn’t mean you can’t start now.  We have competitors in the sport in their 70s.  Whether or not you choose to compete, ninja warrior classes are a great way to get fit while having fun.

Teen/Adult Beginner Ninja

You are never too old to start Ninja Warrior training!

Whether you were a former athlete or are starting your fitness journey and looking for a place to exercise and have fun, our ninja warrior teen and adult classes will get you started in the basic skills and conditioning you’ll need.

Our Ninja Warrior Teen and Adult classes start with warm ups and fall training for safety and injury prevention. Following this, the main class is composed of linked obstacle (courses) and strength exercises with varied structure adjusted by our coaches to keep things interesting, challenging, and fun.

For those who take to it quickly and want more instruction, we’ll provide more challenging obstacles, but for those who need a little more time, our coaches will break down obstacles to help you accomplish your goals and get stronger.

Ninja Fit

Ninja Fit is a fitness class for teens and adults which stretches and strengthens the muscles that are most needed (legs, core, and upper body) to take on Ninja courses. These classes incorporate a variety of ninja obstacles in many of the exercises to develop both strength and technique.

It’s never too late to get “Ninja Fit”. You might even meet our 60-year-old owner who is competing in the Ninja Carolina League this season.

Ready for Something More Advanced?

If you’ve been coming to classes for a while and need something more challenging we have “Ninja Nights.” These advanced nights are composed of running challenging skill, hybrid, and endurance courses that are set up by our Pro coaches. Additionally if you are interested in starting to compete, we recommend NCL competitions which are local and beginner friendly.

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