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There’s a Ninja Warrior training level for you

Have you ever wondered what it takes to “beat that wall” and “hit the buzzer” on the show “American Ninja Warrior?” Or, is there anywhere besides the show we can do that type of thing?

We can help you answer that question for yourself and others!

At Rock Solid Warrior we offer many of these same types of obstacles and training, geared to just about every level from the littlest tykes (from 4 years old) to athletes competing at the highest levels of the Ninja Sport.

And if you just want to put a little Ninja Warrior workout into your fitness routine—we’ve got you covered too!

Our Ninja Warrior training facilities are large enough that we can offer multiple classes at once, at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels—so you can typically bring the whole family at once.

We always start classes with a warm up and then a lesson on how to fall safely. From there we typically have multiple stations with multiple obstacles and an exercise. Coaches will guide kids and adults through the stations spotting them, and giving them tips throughout.

We also offer ninja nights (with a couple of courses set up) for those more advanced or older. If you aren’t quite ready for that then you can start with the “Intro Classes” or “Ninja Fit” for the more mature among us who are looking to get into shape to tackle the obstacles.

Upcoming Ninja Warrior Classes in FUQUAY VARINA

Upcoming Ninja Warrior Classes in SOUTH APEX

What’s in a Ninja Warrior obstacle course?

You’ll find a huge variety of obstacles, many similar to what you may have seen on the show. And though you won’t splash into a lighted pool of water, our stacks of soft blue safety mats make a nice landing as you’re learning.

The Ninja Sport is much more than just one reality TV show. In fact, only a few hundred people get to compete on the reality TV show (whether or not they have ever trained in the sport.), while tens of thousands compete in the sport, and even more tackle obstacles recreationally.

You can train and compete in:

  • speed courses
  • ninja vs. ninja courses
  • endurance/burnout courses
  • balance courses
  • technical courses
  • and hybrid courses

Our coaches have trained and competed in all of these courses, and we’re passionate about helping you learn and keeping your experience fresh. That’s why we change the obstacles and the courses each week—so you’re never bored, and your mind stays as sharp as your physical skills.

But no matter what flavor of course, there is a series of obstacles that you’ll progress through.

With few exceptions, the beauty of the sport is that it is very innovative and there are an infinite number of combinations of obstacles.  In some ways, it like an “Extreme” sport, allowing athletes to constantly push their limits.  In other ways, it is similar to golf… similar goals, but different courses.  Course designers can be very creative and alter the difficulty to match the athlete.

Challenges await you.

Ready for Ninja Warrior competition?

Many people don’t realize that there’s a thriving Ninja Sport inspired by the show “American Ninja Warrior” as a subset of obstacle course racing. In fact, it is said to be the fastest-growing individual sport in the nation.

If you decide to get involved in competition, you’ll be in the right place. Our instructors and coaches are overseen by veterans of the Ninja Sport and experienced trainers.

For those who want to make this their sport, we are proud participants in:

  • The Ninja Carolina League (NCL) as founding members to provide a regional option to compete for both beginners and advanced athletes.  (Season begins ever year in September and ends in April/May… you can participate in as many or few as you would like).
  • The Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) as one of the most established leagues in the world, for those who would like to consider working their way up to competing against athletes from around USA and the world.
  • The Ninja Sport Championship series, which hosts the premiere pro competitions, at hand-selected gyms with top course designers.

We’ll also provide opportunities for our gym members to train for and compete in independent events and other leagues if they so desire as our coaches are well-versed in all aspects of this young sport.

Each of the leagues have their own set of rules and styles, but the obstacles are similar.  There is also a fledgling group of USA Ninja Association (of which we are a part) working with World Obstacle toward getting obstacle course racing into a World Cup and Olympic Sport.

There are age divisions for kids as young as 6 years old, and “masters” divisions for those who might be considered past their athletic prime, and every age in between.

It is easy to get hooked on the sport, both as a participant and a spectator! If you’re not sure of the best way to get started, just stop by, message us, or give us a call. You can find details on pricing for classes, open gym and cost-effective membership options here.

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