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We May Be in a Small Town, but Our Facility is Big Time!

As competitors, we've been to a lot of ninja warrior gyms. As fans, we've seen a lot of others through live streaming and other social media.

Though we already had a vision, as soon as we found out we had a place to implement it, we did two things:

Although we respect and admire those great entrepreneurs in the Ninja Community who creatively bootstrapped their facility with just enough to get started as a part-time business, we decided to jump in with both feet, and put together a facility that was fully functional with top notch equipment from day one. We've also invested heavily in padding and taken every safety precaution including lining up certified coaches training, making this extremely safe sport even safer in our facility.

Advanced/Flexible Rigging to Switch and Secure Obstacles

Although there is a trend to use steel trusses because they look more modern, we've seen that they take up more room and provide less flexibility than wooden structures. We've come up with a system that allows us to change or move obstacles very quickly and securely with great precision.

We've also seen how wooden structures can sometime be poorly put together in ways that also limit possibilities and can require a lot of upkeep.

So, we went with Glenn Davis' advice and decided to skip the "construction grade" pine lumber and use high grade Cedar which is stronger, straighter, and more durable than pine. It is also better looking. We are building with larger spans and fewer posts to provide the most flexiblity under the rigging. On top of our advanced framing, we are using advanced techniques in providing adjustable obstacles, so we can easily adjust them in many subtle and not so subtle ways. Our goal is to have a different beginner, intermediate, and advanced course at least once per week. Many have to travel around the country to get the variety of obstacles you'll get by training and competing here on a regular basis.

Suitable for All Ages, Skills, and Interests

Some facilities cater to kids, making everything approachable to the littlest and least experienced ninja athletes. Others focus on making everything challenging to push the top ninjas. Very few recognize that there are a lot of parents or others that just like to watch their kids or friends do amazing physical feats while they relax or get some work done. We chose instead to build a facility that has plenty of equipment to get started on, plenty of equipment to challenge the toughest ninjas, and everything in between, while making sure non-competing visitors can hang out, too.

Our gym is divided into four sections of activity:

As you enter our facility from the parking lot, you will be at what we call The Trailhead. Turn left to head to the Beginner/Intermediate section and Little Rock, or straight ahead to get to the Advanced/Expert section and Big Rock.

You will also see a room to your right - The Lodge - that can be used by parents to work on laptops in a fairly quiet, closed room, with windows to see what's going on when they want to. In addition to comfortable seats, vending machines (coming soon), wifi, electrical outlets, USB ports, and windows in The Lodge, you will have a silent video feed (coming soon) from multiple points in the facility. The Lodge will double as a "party room" when you want to book a birthday party with flexible options on how to design the perfect ninja and/or rock climbing birthday.

In addition to the public rest room facilities and amenities of the Fuquay Sports Center in which we reside, we'll be adding a shower for men and a shower for women, for those who need to go elsewhere before they go home.

Our facility will be open to the public from 7AM to 10PM Monday through Saturday. We'll endeavor to have at least part of the gym open for "open gym" for the majority of each day. But if that doesn't fit your schedule, we'll be offering a unique opportunity for 24/7 access, after taking a special clearance class. Check our schedule regularly for programming.

Fuquay Sports Center

Fuquay Sports Center

Our facility is part of the growing Fuquay Sports Center, a visionary remodel of the old Fuquay Flea Market. Its 130,000 square feet of activity for the whole family. It includes:

  • Batting cages
  • Gymnastics center
  • Crossfit
  • Cheerleading and Tumbling
  • Martial Arts
  • Dance
  • Fun park (coming soon) with Laser Tag, Go Karts, Arcades, and more
  • Refreshments (coming soon when the fun park opens)
  • Plenty of parking
  • Ample rest room facilities

The renovation is an ongoing project, expected to be completed sometime in 2020.

24-7 Access

24/7/365 Access?

Our plan is to allow those who have passed security and safety training to be able to use the gym off hours. We're going to give all of our staff Sundays off, and a regular sleep schedule. But we want to allow those whose hours don't fit the normal gym schedule to be able to use the gym, as well as provide the freedom to anyone who just wants to have a few irregular hours once in a while.

We're still working through the details of the training, so stay tuned.