What We Offer

Whether you are a beginner or expert ninja warrior or rock climber, 5 or 75, we have something for you.

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Ninja Warrior and Rock Climbing (Bouldering) at its best and more

We're not exagerating when we say we have one of the most well-equipped, safe, leading edge Ninja Warrior facilities on the east coast, as well as leading edge coaching and training. We've topped that off with advanced bouldering walls with routes that range from the easiest (VB) for beginners to some of the hardest (V10+) for the more advanced climbers set by top notch route setters. You can get as much or as little instruction as you need. We also offer day camps, parties, competitions, and special events for the young and the more mature.

Ninja Warrior Training Classes

We have classes for beginners through advanced and that you can take 1-3x per week. Our facility is large enough that we can offer multiple classes at once tailored to your level so you can typically bring the whole family at once. Our instructors and coaches are overseen by veterans of American Ninja Warrior and experienced trainers. We are one of the few gyms who regularly certify our coaches and trainers. When you've clearly advanced to new levels, we'll make sure you get moved to the next level of instruction.

Rock Climbing (Bouldering) Training

Although we are primarily a Ninja Warrior facility, rock climbing (of the bouldering variety) is not an afterthought. Our general manager has been rock climbing for years and, when we first began the journey to opening our gym, it was always with the intent to offer rock climbing. We are currently seeking a lead coach that fits our culture and will head up our training in this area.

Day Camps

As Wake County has many year round schools, we offer day camps almost every week of the year. These camps will include skills training in both rock climbing and ninja warrior to exercise the body, as well as instruction in various other topics to exercise the mind. They normally run from 8:30-4:00, but we also offer before care and after care options for those parents that need a little extra time.

Birthday Parties

How many kids and adults want to have an American Ninja Warrior themed birthday party? We have the party room, the obstacles, the space, the party coordinators and the a la carte menu of options. We offer both Friday late-afternoon/early-evening and Saturday packages. Call us and reserve your place. IF Friday or Saturday don't work for you, call us and we'll see if we can work something else out.

Open Gym

Although our training is great, sometimes people just want to come play or put together their own training routine. Whether early mornings, lunchtimes, evenings, or weekends, we always have a variety of supervised "open gym" times where one or of our four sections of the gym will be open for you to explore on your own.


Everyone wants to hit the buzzer. We offer more competitions than your average Ninja Warrior gym. From beginner comps to sanctioned regional competitions and everything in between, we have it all.

  • Weekly virtual competitions. The course will be set up, just get someone to time you and wee where you place at the end of the week.
  • Monthly beginner competitions. No, you don't have to beat The Bathrobe Ninja or The Ninja of the Auer. We offer easier competitions to get you started. Once you perform well there, we'll move you on.
  • Monthly intermediate competitions. Not yet ready to compete in the leagues? We'll get you ready.
  • League competitions. We're associated with the Athlete Warrior Games, one of the newest and most exciting leagues in the nation. We also will be considering holding either Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association or National Ninja League competitions.
  • Monthly creative competitions. There are so many different ways to set up competitions.
    • Ninja vs. Ninja - side by side racing.
    • Speed competitions.
    • Balance competitions.
    • Upper body competitions.
    • Endurance competitions.
    • Multi-stage competitions.
    • Team competitions.
    We'll be doing them all. Stay tuned each month to see what we'll be offering.

More to Come

We're always looking for other ways to serve our clients and exploit our facilities. For example, we are exploring:

  • Occasional overnight camps in cooperation with some other local organizations.
  • Corporate team building exercises.
  • Special family events.
  • ... and any suggestions we get from you.