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Caleb Auer

Caleb has turned his passion into his vocation.  He has become known in the Ninja community as a respected ninja athlete and one of the top course designers in the nation.  He is responsible for leading the way in the great facilities and great customer experience for which Rock Solid Warrior has become known.  

A lifelong athlete, the idea of creating a gym was a dream that he had been preparing for – and had been prepared for – since he was a teenager.  While being trained as a Police Explorer at the Fuquay Police Department, he competed at Winterfest in Gatlinburg with Explorers from many states, gaining a bronze and silver medal in “Physical Fitness and Tactics”, before deciding to take another career path.  Caleb first worked at a gym when he was 17, doing whatever he was asked to do while studying to be a personal trainer.  In 2017, he began to compete as a Ninja athlete.

At a younger age, he helped build the Auer house and received some mentoring and self-study in design.  As he added to his own training by studying and training others, he began to study, design, and build obstacles and courses.  He started with his own “front yard” rig.  Then – as the first step in the creation of Rock Solid Warrior – he created the amazing Mobile Ninja Warrior rig that had been used at public events and by some professional Ninjas for their own events.  (It is now housed, and has been added to, at Element Gymnastics in Clayton where we’ve started our Rock Solid Ninja Kids program).  After designing our Fuquay facility, he designed our Rock Solid Ninja Rigs packages for your backyard, in addition to helping others around the country with occasional designs.  And, he quickly became known for his creative and excellent courses when we started hosting competitions.

Before it had even opened, our Apex facility (and Caleb) were hand-picked to host the Ninja Sport Championship Finals in 2023.

In Ninja Warrior competition circles, Caleb is known as “The Ninja of the Auer”. In addition to competing and often winning or placing in local competitions, Caleb made it to the World Finals of the National Ninja League and has appeared on Season 11 (2019) of American Ninja Warrior. In his rookie season on the show, Caleb qualified at the Atlanta City Qualifiers, and then turned in an amazing run at the Atlanta City Finals, and fell just short of finishing stage 1 at the Season Finals in Las Vegas.  In 2022, he led the family (including his wife, Hannah, and brother, Josh) in winning the American Ninja Warrior Family Championship.

In addition to his long record of athletic accomplishments, course design/building, and training experience, he has a degree in Business Administration and a certificate in Criminal Justice.

Through his earlier training, Caleb (and the rest of the family) gained much respect for those who serve in the Police and Fire Departments, EMS, and military.  Therefore, we honor all of those public servants with a 20% discount on many of our offerings.

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