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CeeCee joined us at our South Apex location day camp as soon as we opened in June of 2022! She is affectionately termed the “Assistant to the Assistant Day Camp Director,” and is well-loved by the kids for her games, fairy hair and braiding skills, and her ability to make classes and skills fun!

CeeCee is naturally athletic, doing Cross Country for several years, and teaching herself Aerial Silks for fun! She also works out a lot at Planet Fitness in her free time. She’s incredibly artsy, with passions for drawing and painting, and anything else that could be labeled as “art.” She is a coffee connoisseur, and loves longboarding and hanging out with friends at work and outside of work. She says that Rock Solid Warrior is her second family, and that the longer she’s been working here, the more passionate she’s grown about Ninja.

CeeCee has previous work experience babysitting and nannying, as well as working at Corbett’s and as an art teacher. She uses her previous teaching experience to work with the kids in our day camps and mini’s classes. She brings joy and life to Rock Solid Warrior, and she really enjoys helping kids find things that they are passionate about to live life to the fullest.

CeeCee is currently working with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) to serve underprivileged communities and work with children. We are excited that she is using her gifts to serve children all over the world.

CeeCee’s encouragement to those who are trying to figure out if Ninja is for them: “Hard work pays off! When I started working  here, I couldn’t hang on a bar for more than thirty seconds. Now I can do all Level 1 and some Level 2! You can do this!”

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