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Izabela comes to us with a wide variety of past work experiences and ninja accomplishments. She used to be a “Fun and Fitness” lead at a Summer Camp, taught piano lessons, and worked at Conquer Ninja Gyms as a coach. Her family aspires to open up a ninja gym someday, and when Izabela went on a few scouting trips, she fell in love with the positive environment and the mission statement of Rock Solid Warrior. With her passion and zeal for ninja and previous coaching experience, we were excited to ask her to join the team in August of 2023! You’ll see Izabela working some of our day camps and classes, especially with our girls, and helping out with events, weekends, and marketing!

Izabela is an experienced ninja, having qualified for UNAA Worlds, and getting second place in the regional NCNS league finals for Amateur females. Izabela particularly loves working on anything with a lache.

Izabela is a dedicated athlete. She’s been training competitively in ninja for three years, played volleyball competitively for six years, and recently ran a half marathon. She’s training for a full marathon now!

Izabela is already making an impact at our gym with her positive outlook, encouragement for all female athletes, and her dedicated hard work for the marketing team. She loves our staff, and our staff love her! With her recent move to the area, Izabela has been working on “Doing everything in love and for God’s glory” and “Finding joy in the small things,” and she has brought a lot of joy to our team and our training sessions! We’re thankful to have you, Izabela!

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