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Build your skills

Group & individual training classes

Drop in for classes on a per-class basis, or purchase membership packages for 1, 2 or 3 classes/week (See our pricing for full details; those with memberships may add open gym time for a small add-on fee). For a class calendar, click here.

More details are available on each page listed below.

training classes, Rock Solid Warrior

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced levels

training classes, Rock Solid Warrior

Rock Climbing (Bouldering)

Beginners (VB), to Intermediate, to Pros (V8)

Planning Your Classes & Schedules

We will typically post our schedule a month or more in advance. And though we expect each individual will pick the same day(s) each week for classes, they can also drop in on another class if they miss one.

Wondering which classes will be right for you? We can help you decide—and we evaluate each student each month to discuss if/when they should move to another class to be challenged more (or less). Just stop by or give us a call at 919-307-7448.

Classes for all age groups and abilities

Nothing beats experience when it comes to growing your skills and confidence in ninja warrior obstacle courses and indoor rock wall climbing. So while open gym time is always an option—and is important for honing your skills—classes can be invaluable for showing you how to move, hold, and progress faster and more safely.

You’ll be in good hands: we hear all the time how much energy and enthusiasm our team of ninja instructors and coaches adds to guests’ experience. That’s because each one has a personal passion for the sports and loves to share them! And each is overseen by our American Ninja Warrior veterans and other experienced trainers, to ensure top results.

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