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Build your Ninja skills

Rock Solid Ninja Warrior classes

Have you ever wanted to train to be an American Ninja Warrior but don’t know where to begin?

At Rock Solid Warrior, we offer Ninja classes designed to take your Ninja game to the next level! Many of our coaches have competed on American Ninja Warrior and out of their passion and experience, they’ll work with you to help you accomplish your goals! Our classes are structured to meet each athlete where they are and take them as far as they want to go!

Drop in for classes on a per-class basis, or purchase membership packages for 1, 2 or 3 classes/week (See our pricing for full details; those with memberships may add open gym time for a small add-on fee). For a class calendar, click here.

ninja warrior classes, Rock Solid Warrior

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced levels

ninja warrior classes, Rock Solid Warrior

Planning Your First Visit?

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Planning Your Classes & Schedules

We will typically post our schedule a month or more in advance. And though we expect each individual will pick the same day(s) each week for classes, they can also drop in on another class if they miss one.

Wondering which classes will be right for you? We can help you decide—and we evaluate each student each month to discuss if/when they should move to another class to be challenged more (or less). Just stop by or give us a call at 919-307-7448.

Classes for all age groups and abilities

Nothing beats experience when it comes to growing your skills and confidence in ninja warrior obstacle courses and indoor rock wall climbing. So while open gym time is always an option—and is important for honing your skills—classes can be invaluable for showing you how to move, hold, and progress faster and more safely.

You’ll be in good hands: we hear all the time how much energy and enthusiasm our team of ninja instructors and coaches adds to guests’ experience. That’s because each one has a personal passion for the sports and loves to share them! And each is overseen by our American Ninja Warrior veterans and other experienced trainers, to ensure top results.

Levels 1-4

A ninja warrior is an athlete who is prepared to bravely face the obstacles that life puts in their path; will not let failure get in the way of their goals and will always encourage and support others.

Level 1: Introduction to Ninja (Beginner Ninja)

This is where students start when they have no experience in ninja.

Areas of Focus/Skills:

  • Proper fall technique (crossed arms, tucked neck, and roll)

  • Overcome fear of heights

  • Understanding of “Start” and “Stop” Platforms

  • Basic swinging from hanging objects (knowing how to pull with shoulders to generate momentum)

  • Basic swing technique  (Kipping both forwards and side-to-side)

  • Basic lache technique

  • Foundational upper-body strength (ability to move upwards, e.g. devil bars)

  • Basic hanging strength (from bars, rings and large holds)

  • Basic lower body coordination (e.g. precision jumps, quad steps)

  • Basic balancing skill (e.g. balance beam, balance bars)

Level 2: Introduction to Moderate Moves (Intermediate Level)

Students who have demonstrated basic ninja skills

Areas of Focus/Skills

  • Proper fall technique from an obstacle (Focused on proper technique)

  • Understanding of a “linked” obstacle (e.g. two obstacles that one doesn’t dismount from)

  • Ability to hang from a variety of holds (sombrero, cannon ball, banana, cones)

  • Ability to repeatedly throw small laches (stationary or trapeze)

  • Endurace to complete longer obstacles

  • Can hang with one arm and perform basic functions with other

  • Ability to “read” an agility obstacle and understand what leg to start on.

  • Can perform triple step on agility obstacles

  • Consistently clear long balance lines

Level 2 Competition Clinic: Students (ages 7-9) who are dedicated to ninja and want to compete but are not ready for the big stage.

Level 3: Enhancing Fundamental Skills, Introduction to Advanced Moves

Students who have been training awhile

Students will be introduced to and spend more time practicing advanced obstacles

Areas of Focus/Skills

  • Basic courses

  • Constantly clearing basic obstacles

  • In-depth learning of techniques for advanced obstacles

  • Can hang with one arm and perform complex functions with other (pegboard)

  • Ability to plant feet on traverse wall (no need for footholds)

  • Can make basic dynamic maneuvers

  • Basic understating of tech obstacles

  • Can perform complex balance maneuvers (switch feet, ghost step, triple step)

  • Can complete complex balance obstacles (balance tanks)

  • Kipping, able to hop a ring or bar over a small bump

  • Increase speed over basic obstacles

Level 3 Competition Clinic: Students (ages 10-13) who are dedicated to ninja and want to compete but are not ready for the big stage.

Level 4: Advanced students who want to be more competitive or prepare for Competition Team

Starting to focus on course runs as well as dedication to the sport of ninja.

  • Can efficiently run moderate courses

  • Consistently clears moderate obstacles

  • Endurance: can make moderate dynamic maneuvers repeatedly without dismounting

  • Decent understating of Tech Obstacles

  • Work on more conditioning and drills to strengthen muscles.

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